There Was Never A Zombie Apocalypse

There was only The Great War. We won, and we're building a better world with Zombie State University. ZSU is a limited collection of 650 Zombie Students minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mint price is 0.06 ETH
Frame 77

A New Institution

Zombie State University was founded on the belief that those of us who remain today have an obligation to those we lost in The Great War to make the best of ourselves. We hope that our Academic community can become a symbol of post-war life for all Zombie-kind. A beacon for everyone who works to uphold and protect The Undying Peace.

Our mission here at ZSU is to shape the Zombie leaders of tomorrow. To mold them into the best and brightest of us so that they might go out into the world and rebuild what was destroyed. That they might create a better future where we won’t ever see again the atrocities we endured during The Great War.

Our incoming freshman class represents the first wave of this new future, but many more will follow it. And over the generations, as each class of talented young brain-eaters arrives and explores, declares majors, fulfills their course credits, and ultimately meets their potential, we will honor those we lost by our investments in those who’re still remains.

Welcome, new students of Zombie State University. Thank you for putting your trust in us as we work so hard to ensure you’re equipped to go out into the world and achieve what those before you worked so hard to protect.

Best of luck this semester,

Dr. Seymore Jacobson Hyde


Every Zombie is unique. Generated at the time of mint, each Zombie is constructed by first assigning a unique Student ID, then deconstructing that Student ID to generate each individual layer.

  • Frame 176 1
    84% – Common
  • Frame 180 1
    13% – Rare
  • Group 146
    1.6% – Epic
  • Screen shot 2021 09 28 at 2 1
    0.8% – Legendary


  • 650 unique Zombies

    Each Zombie is generated when its minted based on a unique and randomly generated Student ID.
  • Over 200 traits

    Each Zombie is made up of layers constructed from over 200 unique traits.
  • Hand-drawn

    Every trait, every asset, every Zombie—all hand-drawn by our artist Josh Stifter.
  • Full rights

    You own your Zombie and all the rights to your Zombie as long as you hold that Zombie. Do what you want with it.


  • 1

    RoboHeadz merch

    Exclusive RoboHeadz merch is coming soon! Buy cool stuff like tees, mugs and stickers 🔥

    Roadmap step 1
  • 2

    Exclusive club

    All holders will be invited to the exclusive club, where they will be able to hang out.

    Roadmap step 2
  • 3


    Bring your RoboHeadz to the metaverse! Stay tuned for more metaverse updates.

    Roadmap step 3


  • Justin 1
    Justin Hunter
    Developer & Community

    Head of Product at Pinata, head of Zombie-Good-Times at ZSU.

  • Joshzombie2 1
    Josh Stifter

    Artist & filmmaker . Films include The Good Exorcist and Greywood's Plot.


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